What do you need to learn to move forwards? 

What will support you in achieving your best? 

What's holding you back? 

Transformative coaching and mentoring will help you find your answers

Transformative Coaching and Mentoring in Education

If you are a school leader or a teacher - you are AMAZING!


You work in a world of complexity and high challenge.

I believe that unless you have been in this role,

it's impossible to truly appreciate

the levels of responsibility and accountability

that are demanded of those in the front line of our educational organisations.  ​

As a former school leader, I have a deep empathy and understanding

of the pressures our leaders and teachers face.

As a professional coach, I am on a quest to provide high-quality,

personalised and crucial support in the form of coaching and/or mentoring to as many of you as possible. 

I passionately believe that every school leader should have a highly qualified and experienced coach and mentor with whom to work on an ongoing basis. 

As a highly qualified

and experienced leadership coach, mentor, and coach trainer, 

I work primarily in education settings and also charities, along with some small/medium businesses. 

I am a member of the

International Coaching Federation and the Association for Coaching.

Integrity is choosing courage over comfort. 

It's choosing what's right over what's fun, fast or easy;

and it's practising your values not just professing them. 

      Brene Brown 'Dare to Lead' 


Enabling whole-hearted leadership to be at the core of education -

for the flourishing of all


Purpose, balance, courage, trust, connection, belief,

compassion for self and others



coaching and mentoring for growth, balance and sustained change 

What people say...

Kate Smith.jpg

Sue has been my coach

for many years.

We developed a fantastic professional relationship; 

working with Sue gave me the courage to step out of my comfort zone and apply for a Deputy Headship, which I secured and negotiated

to work part time...

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Kate Smith 

Network Project Leader


Sue has coached our leaders,

our mid and early career teachers, and our leadership team since we opened as a new school in 2015. 

By investing in coaching, the school is valuing not only the professional development of our staff, but also their morale, wellbeing and personal development as well...

Ultimately, this leads to a

happy staff and

high rates of retention.

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Darrell Butler


John Locke Academy

I have been involved in coaching

with Sue for almost a year. 

I am lucky enough

to have an Executive Headteacher who is committed to the coaching process.

The opportunity to

take time to focus on my development was more rewarding

than I imagined.  

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Kerry Young 

Head of School 

Shillington Lower School