``I never cease to be amazed at the power of the coaching process to draw out skills or talent that was previously hidden within an individual, and which invariably finds a way to solve problems previously thought unsolvable.``

John Russell, MD, Harley-Davidson, Europe

Our Mid and Early Career Teachers are such a precious resource…full of energy, creativity, passion and talent…yet we lose a third of them in the first 5 years of their teaching career. *

We have to change this!

Coaching provides high levels of support (as well as challenge) for our early teachers to explore their unique paths – and enjoy learning about themselves as they travel onwards in their careers.

This growth in self-awareness can be absolutely ‘transformative’ to a teacher’s practice – and indeed their whole career path. Most teachers can teach – and teach well!

It’s all the other ‘stuff’ that is often such a challenge; and this is where the development of strong personal qualities is so important. Amongst other inner resources, coaching helps teachers develop resilience, self-confidence, courage, positivity and self-compassion.

This is what makes all the difference in the world to our amazing teachers – and will keep them thriving in their classrooms!

* DfE ‘School Workforce in England 2018’

  • What personal and professional strengths have you developed as a teacher?
  • When do you recognise yourself at your most/least confident?
  • What levels of mental, physical and emotional energy do you have?
  • How clear are you about the next steps in your career and how to achieve your goals?
  • What strategies do you have for when you feel at your most stressed/overwhelmed?
  • Who really listens to you when you need to talk things through?

“Sue helped me gain perspective, confidence and work out ways to feel more resilient and commit to self care and balance in my life. At first I felt quite guilty focusing on me, but I can see now that I would never have stayed in teaching if I hadn’t. I’m so grateful to the school and to my coach, I’m definitely staying in teaching for the long-term!”

Zena Choudhary – Teacher (5 years), North Yorkshire

Coaching packages

Coaching packages provide ongoing support and clear connections between sessions.

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1 hour coaching/mentoring sessions.

6 half-termly sessions coaching or mentoring

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