If you're looking to gain a nationally recognised coaching qualification, 

to develop a systematic coaching culture in your school,

or to be inspired by books, publications or podcasts - here are my recommendations!

Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) Coaching & Mentoring Qualifications

for School Leaders and Teachers

Pink Dust
Pink Dust

I work alongside the brilliant Charlie Warshawski

as part of his national training team.

We are an approved centre for the Institute of Leadership and Management, and deliver their accredited ILM5 and ILM7 certificates in 'Executive Coaching and Mentoring'. 

Love Your Coaching has a superb reputation as a top training organisation and many school leaders have been successful in gaining a professional ILM Coaching and Mentoring qualification as a result of LYC's superb training programmes.


Developing A Coaching Culture in Schools 

Pink Dust
Pink Dust

As an Associate Coach for Leadership Edge,

I work with the wonderful Jan Rudge who has created the Leadership Edge 3 Tier Accreditation Programme.

This system supports staff in schools to learn about coaching, develop their coaching skills and work with their colleagues to build a strong and systematic coaching culture through the whole school as skills are honed and cascaded. 

Jan and our team are passionate about 'Pure Coaching'; Jan has even written a book all about it - it's a great read!

Books to Inspire You!

Pink Dust

Real leadership journeys and honest experiences passed on to help others learn about what PURE coaching is - and what it isn't. 

A great book for school leaders and teachers to learn about coaching.

Pink Dust
Dare to Lead.png

...'When we dare to lead, we don't pretend to have the right answers; we stay curious and ask the right questions...'

The best book I've ever read about leadership! 

Pink Dust

Who doesn't want to flourish? 

Martin Seligman teaches us about positive psychology and what wellbeing is all about. 

Read this book if you're interested in how to really thrive! 

Books to Inspire You!

Brilliant Podcasts 

Pink Dust

A podcast series by the amazing 'Growth Coaching International team - based in Australia where coaching in schools is way more advanced than in the UK. 

Short and sweet episodes. 

Pink Dust
How to fail.png

No one likes to fail - but when we do, we can learn! Coaching helps us to have important insights into how failing can be the best thing we do. 

Inspirational podcasts learning from Elizabeth Day's brave guests. 

Pink Dust

Jay's curiosity about his guests shows us a great coach in action. Through his podcasts, we have insights into own lives, feelings, behaviours and habits - which help us to better understand others. 

Important Movements 

Pink Dust

#WomenEd and #HeforShe

WomenEd is an amazing global grassroots movement that connects aspiring and existing women leaders in education and gives women leaders a voice in education.

Pink Dust


'Be where you are celebrated, not tolerated.'

DiverseEd is an incredibly important global movement with the vision that everyone is celebrated in every classroom in every school.