Leadership Team Coaching 

One of my reflections is that it's really useful to have the time as an SLT to reflect and work collaboratively,

but having a professional coach somehow gives the process a permission and validity

that would be very difficult to generate independently.

Looking forward to the next session already!


Jane Tailby – Headteacher, Stratford-Upon-Avon

Leadership, Team and Staff Coaching 

Sue has coached our leaders, our mid and early career teachers, and our leadership team since we opened as a new school in 2015. 

By investing in coaching, the school is valuing not only the professional development of our staff, but also their morale, wellbeing and personal development as well.

Ultimately, this leads to a happy staff and high rates of retention.

I know that whatever my staff take to coaching, Sue will work kindly and supportively with them, and also provide challenge so that they have new insights about themselves and/or the situation they are in at the time. 

In coaching the Leadership Team, Sue holds a space for us to work in. Sometimes conversations and ways of working can get difficult and that's normal to team working. Having Sue to partner with us and to reflect aspects of ourselves as the parts that make more than the sum of the whole is incredibly beneficial and moves us forward much more rapidly than we would otherwise do for ourselves. 


Darrell Butler  - Principal, London Borough of Hillingdon

Leadership Coaching 

I have been involved in coaching with Sue since the beginning of this academic year. I am lucky enough to have an Executive Headteacher who felt that this would be a worthwhile experience and who committed to it. I have had challenges with my emotional wellbeing more recently and the opportunity to take an hour out of my busy life to focus on me was more rewarding than I imagined.  It provided a safe space and designated time to focus on my wellbeing,  leadership and future. I had the opportunity to take the discussions in my own line of enquiry and pick topics to discuss. Sue poses questions to help you to reflect on your own self,  leadership and certain situations you may find yourself in; she isn't there to advise but rather help you to find your own way through challenges. The experience so far has been hugely rewarding giving me things to consider in challenging situations, allowing me to be a more reflective practitioner and helping me to support my own staff in a similar way. I would hugely recommend this experience to anyone in leadership, it has definitely made me a better leader and have a more balanced life, giving me the tools to cope with challenges. 

Kerry Young - Head of School, Bedfordshire

Pupil Coaching 

Sue is an expert at working with children to help them feel more in control of their emotions and to work towards stronger self-regulation and self-leadership.

She helps them find individual and effective strategies to increase their feelings of confidence and wellbeing - and decrease their anxieties, worries, lack of confidence, sometimes anger. She shows them how to build better relationships and friendships with other children. She helps them to be happier. 

Sue is passionate about working with schools to identify pupils on the brink of a crisis - and helping to prevent the damage which would otherwise cause hurt to children and their families.   


Rebecca Roebuck – Deputy Headteacher, London Borough of Hillingdon

Leadership Coaching 

Sue has been my coach since 2017, when I was in my 9th year as a teacher. We developed a fantastic professional relationship and Sue gave me the courage to step out of my comfort zone and apply for a Deputy Headship which I secured and negotiated to work part time. Sue has coached me through many leadership challenges over the last few years and has been consistently compassionate and supportive, empowering me to make brave decisions which have ultimately enhanced my career and supported me in becoming a highly ethical and values based headteacher.

I would highly recommend Sue especially if you need coaching packages for teachers or leaders

 or want to develop a more ethical and values centred culture in your school. 


Kate Smith - Network Project Leader, HeadsUp4HTs, Oxfordshire

Leadership Coaching 

When my head teacher first mentioned the idea of coaching, it is fair to say I was not exactly enthralled at the idea of talking to a stranger about my thoughts and feelings. However, after my first session with Sue, I really appreciated the time dedicated solely for me and have the opportunity to focus on myself and my needs.  As a single mum and a Head of Schoo there are not many times ring fenced for my own wellbeing.  My hour sessions with Sue have been supportive and very beneficial enabling me to be a better mum and school leader.   The plentiful chocolate that Sue provides is also an added bonus!


Ciara Dumpleton – Head of School, Bedfordshire

Leadership Coaching 


Jill Sach - Deputy Headteacher, Cheshire

Leadership Coaching 

I had the passion and the drive but I was losing focus until one day I met Sue and she asked me what were my values? This was the game changer. Sue was introduced to me as a coach through the WomenEd network. We met many times in person or virtually; she has a knack of asking the right question after listening. She has a passion for coaching in education and helping people to grow and thrive. Sue will hold the space with you and will coach you into finding your inner strengths and qualities. As an educator of 21 years I highly recommend Sue and her workshops and coaching sessions in delivering positive change which has values led impact.


Clare Erasmus – Senior Teacher, Hampshire