Over recent years, and especially over the last few months, the importance of wellbeing has become one of our schools’ top priority. If not, the top priority.
How do we serve our pupils if our staff are not well?

Organisations leading the way in wellbeing practices are showing the benefits
of this work.

There is a wealth of evidence* to show that by focusing on the wellbeing of employees, a workplace benefits with:

  • better employee morale and engagement
  • a healthier and more inclusive culture
  • lower sickness absence

It makes good sense to genuinely nurture the wellbeing of staff in schools.

Wellbeing Coaching could be a valuable part of the overall strategy.
*CIPD 2021

What aspects of wellbeing do your staff need to be supported with – either as individuals, in groups or as part of a whole school initiative?

  • Mental/physical health
  • Building resilience
  • Managing negative emotions (anxiety, lack of confidence etc)
  • The importance of sleep (a huge factor in poor wellbeing)
  • Creating a sense of balance and quality of life in and out of school
  • Managing stress
  • Healthy living practices

“Sue is a fantastic wellbeing coach! I have worked with Sue over the last couple of years and feel so much better in terms of my physical and mental health.
I am no longer overwhelmed, I can control my anxiety and I feel so much more confident in general. I know I am much better at my job!”

Gemma Clarkson (Teacher and Phase Leader)

Coaching packages

Wellbeing Coaching packages are created and priced on a bespoke basis.

Sue Webb

Options for schools/workplaces include​

  • Individual, group or whole school sessions
  • Face to face, virtual or blended approach
  • Flexible frequency and length of sessions
  • Between sessions communication and support

Team Coaching packages are bespoke to each organisation and, as such, are priced on an individual organisation basis.


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